Amazon Quiz Answers Win Toady – 28th March 2020

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Win 28th March

Amazon Daily Quiz Answer, Amazon Quiz Today, Amazon Quiz Answers Win, Amazon Win Quiz Answers:- Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers 28th March 2020. Play Amazon Quiz Contest & Win Exciting Prize. Today. Get The Amazon Quiz time Answers for 28 March 2020 & Play The Amazon Quiz Time Contest Today. Give All The Amazon Quiz Answer Win Exciting Prize.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today
Today’s Amazon Quiz Contest Answers

Hey, Guys Are you searching for Amazon Quiz Time Answers of today. Today? Is Today Questions are so hard? Or you can’t the Amazon Quizzes. Then don’t worry about it because of you in the right place. Yes, here you will find Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers. And that may help you to win today’s quiz prize from Amazon India. So don’t go anywhere here you will find Amazon Quiz Answers every day at 08.00 AM.

What is Amazon Quiz Contest?

Amazon Quiz is an Awesome Quiz contest by Amazon India. It’s only for Amazon App User & Also know as Amazon Daily Quiz Time Contest. This contest is part of Amazon FunZone where you will find different types of Amazon Quiz Contest. All Amazon Users can participate in this quiz contest & some lucky users are qualified by the winner. If you wish to see yourself among these lucky winners then you have to give the right answers to all questions. Amazon Quiz Time Contest is a 5 Questions basic daily quiz contest. Where Amazon Customers can win exciting luxury prizes like smartphones, Laptops, Upto 1lakh cash & many more.

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How To Participate In Amazon Quiz?

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2. After logging Scroll Down and Click Amazon Quiz Banner on Homepage of App.

3. Or Click On Showing Three lines in the Right-hand side of the upper corner.

4. Now Click On Programs and Features => FunZone

5. Now You Will See The Amazon Quiz Time Option There.

6. Now Tap On Start To Play The Quiz & Answer It.

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Amazon App Quiz Contest Answer Update Time:-

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Amazon Quiz Answers Win Qubo Indore Camera | 28th March 2020

Question 1:- Which car manufacturer makes the Electric Vehicle known as Leaf?

Answer:- Nissan

Question 2:- Which player scored 2 goals for Atletico de kolkata in the final on Saturday to claim an unprecedented third Indian Super League title?

Answer:- Javier Hernandez

Question 3:- ‘The Adventures of a Daredevil Democrat’ chronicles the story of which former Indian Chief Minister?

Answer:- Biju Pattaniak

Question 4:- In which city are the recently restored tombs of Taramati and Premamati located?

Answer:- Hyderabad

Question 5:- What kind of device is SuCheck, developed with assistance from the Indian Council of Medical Research?

Answer:- Glucometer

Amazon Quiz Answers Win iPhone Bose 20 Speakers | 24th March 2020

Question 1 : In the movie Onward, if Tom Holland is the voice for Ian Lightfoot, which fellow MCU star is the voice for Ian’s brother Barley?

Answer:- Chris Pratt

Question 2 : President Ram Nath Kovind recently administered the oath of office to Mr. Bimal Julka for which post?

Answer:- Chief Information Commissioner

Question 3 : The World Boxing Council has created a championship belt, embellished with purple and gold colors, in honour of which NBA legend?

Answer:- Kobe Bryant

Question 4 : To whom did Mukesh Ambani lose the tag of Asia’s richest man, after a $5 billion plus loss, in part due to collapse of oil prices?

Answer:- Jack Ma

Question 5 : Which is the name of the dedicated storefront on to display ‘women entrepreneurs’ products to customers across the country?

Answer:- Saheli

Amazon Quiz Answers Win Samsung Galaxy Watch Today|21st March 2020

Question 1:- The Indian government recently launched a mobile application ‘Humsafar’ to facilitate doorstep delivery of what?

Answer:- Fuel

Question 2:- To announce the early release of which movie on 13th March, did the makers tweet ‘Father’s Day comes early’?

Answer:- Angrezi Medium

Question 3:- On March 29th, 2017 which holder of an important post born on March 16th, was made an honorary General of the Nepal Army?

Answer:- General Bipin Rawat

Question 4:- Which town has recently been named as the new summer capital of Uttarakhand?

Answer:- Gairsain

Question 5:- Which acclaimed actor plays the lead role in the movie ‘Kaamyaab’ about an actor Sudheer who

Answer:- Sanjay Mishra

Amazon Quiz Answers Win ₹50,000 Today|16th March 2020

Question 1:- Realme and Xiaomi’s smartphones will now use GPS

Answer:- ISRO

Question 2:- Which of the following is currently the largest cricket stadium in the world and recently hosted US President Donald Trump?
Answer:- Sardar Patel Stadium

Question 3:- Which pioneering businessman born on March 3rd, floated the Central India Spinning, Weaving, and Manufacturing Company in Nagpur?
Answer:- Jamsetji Tata

Question 4:- Which director of several Bollywood blockbusters is also the director of the Amazon Prime series ‘The Forgotten Army’?
Answer:- Kabir Khan

Question 5:- Who among these extended his unbeaten start to the season by claiming victory at the Dubai

Answer:- Novak Djokovic

Amazon Quiz Answers Win ₹10,000 Today|12th March 2020

Question 1:- The world’s first robot citizen recently arrived in Kolkata and donned a red-and-white traditional Bengali saree. Name the robot.

Answer:- Shophia

Question 2:- Hosni Mubarak was the president of which country for almost 30 years?

Answer:- Egypt

Question 3:- India’s first floating jetty was recently inaugurated in which state?

Answer:- Goa

Question 4:- Which company has introduced a new ‘zero’ line of vegan, gluten-free products that have no preservatives or colours?

Answer:- Colgate

Question 5:- Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to wish which player on his retirement and said ‘You made my last Test special by picking 10 wickets’?

Answer:- Pragyan Ojha

Amazon Quiz Answers Win LG W30 Today|11th March 2020

Question 1:- Taika Waititi recently made history as the first person from which ethnicity to win an Oscar, as he won for Best Adapted Screenplay?

Answer:- Maori

Question 2:- The very popular play Piya Behrupiya directed by Atul Kumar is an adaptation of which Shakespeare work?

Answer:- Twelfth Night

Question 3:- Mom and Dad have four daughters, and each daughter has one brother. How many people are there in the family?

Answer:- Seven

Question 4:- Who recently launched an upgraded geo-imaging web portal called Bhuvan Panchayat 3.0?

Answer:- ISRO

Question 5:- The upcoming film ‘The New Mutants’ is part of which movie franchise?

Answer:- X men

Today Amazon Quiz Answers Win Canon M200 Camera|10th March 2020

Question 1:- Which of these words can not be formed using only the first line of letters on your computer keyboard?

Answer:- Keyboard

Question 2:- Which former Wimbledon champion is the current coach of Australian Open 2020 winner Novak Djokovic?

Answer:- Goran Ivanisevic

Question 3:- Washing soda is the common name for which compound?

Answer:- Sodium Carbonate

Question 4:- A Megagon is a polygon with _____ sides.

Answer:- 1million

Question 5:- Who recently broke Alok Kapali’s record of being the youngest to take a Test match hat-trick?

Answer:- Naseem Shah

Today Amazon Quiz Answers Win ₹15,000|9th March 2020

Question 1:- In which country would you find Victoria Falls, classified as the world’s largest sheet of falling water based on its combined width and height?

Answer:- Zambia

Question 2:- Former French open champion Carlos Moya is the coach of which famous tennis player?

Answer:- Rafael Nadal

Question 3:- The latest book in the Asterix series is – Asterix and the _________ __________. 

Answer:- Chieftain’s Daughter

Question 4:- Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa who arrived in India on 13th February is the President of which country?

Answer:- Portugal

Question 5:- In which country would you find North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe that can be accessed by car?

Answer:- Norway

Today Amazon Quiz Answers Win Dyson Air Purifier |7th March 2020

Question 1:- Rial is the official currency of ______.

Answer:- Iran

Question 2:- Which of the following national parks is located in Rajasthan?

Answer:- Keoladeo National Park

Question 3:- What is the chemical symbol of lead?

Answer:- Pb

Question 4:- Wellington is the capital of which country?

Answer:- New Zealand

Question 5:- India has the shortest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world.

Answer:- FALSE

Today Amazon Quiz Answers Win | 6th March 2020

Question1:- Which plant was added to the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest growing plant on earth?

Answer:- Bamboo

Question 2:- In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we see Hulk as a green-colored giant superhero. But what color was he meant to be originally?

Answer:- Grey

Question 3:- Which of the 7 continents of the world has the most number of countries?

Answer:- Africa

Question 4:-

Which country is referred to as ‘the land of a thousand lakes’?

Answer:- Finland

Question 5:- Which Oscar winning Hollywood star is of Indian descent and was given the name Krishna Pandit Bhanji at the time of his birth?

Answer:- Sir Ben Kingsley

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 5th March 2020

Question 1:- Who among these was NOT named in the Asia XI squad for a series to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

Answer:- Rohit Sharma

Question 2:- The foundation stone for the Army headquarters new building was recently laid. What has it been christened as?

Answer:- Thal Sena Bhawan

Question 3:- @gypsyking101 is the Instagram handle of which famous person currently in the news?

Answer:- Tyson Fury

Question 4:- Which of these has been declared the theme for National Science Day 2020, by the government’s Department of Science & Technology?

Answer:- Women In Science

Question 5:- Who is known as the ‘Waterman of India’ and is renowned for his conservational efforts in bringing back many rivers, and increasing the water table level in Rajasthan?

Answer:- Dr. Rajendra Singh

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 4th March 2020

Question 1:- Which famous basketball player nicknamed himself the ‘Black Mamba’ after watching Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’?

Answer:- Kobe Bryant

Question 2:- US first lady Melania Trump, attended which of these classes at Sarvodaya Senior Secondary School in Delhi?

Answer:- Happiness Class

Question 3:- On 25th February, India observed the first anniversary of which of these famous structures?

Answer:- National War Memorial

Question 4:- Which of these comic book characters has been a guest of the Maharaja of Gaipajama?

Answer:- Tintin

Question 5:- Which of these organisations declared 2020 as the ‘Year of the Nurse and Midwife’?

Answer:- WHO

Today Amazon Quiz Answers 3rd March 2020

Question 1:- What is the name of the app that helps writers to keep track of complex narratives, recently launched by Vikram Chandra?

Answer:- Granthika

Question 2:- Which teams played in the finals of the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup 2020?

Answer:- Bangladesh and India

Question3:- Which Premier League team has been banned from the UEFA Champions League for 2 seasons for failing to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations?

Answer:- Manchester City

Question 4:- Which challenge became a viral sensation after a singer uploaded a collage of four images to her Instagram feed on January 21, 2020?

Answer:- Dolly Parton Challenge

Question 5:- Who shared the 2020 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year with Lewis Hamilton?

Answer:- Lionel Messi

Today Amazon Quiz Answers 2nd March 2020

Question 1:- Which of these former Indian Prime Ministers born on 29th February first became Prime Minister at the age of 81?

Answer:- Morarji Desai

Question 2:- Which Indian sportsperson won ESPN’s Female Sportsperson of the Year award for the third consecutive year?

Answer:- PV Sindhu

Question 3:- ‘Unleash the Madness’ is the tagline of which recent Bollywood movie?

Answer:- Malang

Question 4:- Amazon’s chief executive Jeff Bezos recently committed $10 billion to address which of these causes?

Answer:- Climate Change

Question 5:- The movie Sonchiriya which shared the Filmfare Critics award for Best Film is set in which of these regions?

Answer:- Chambal

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